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Fished friday afternoon from 3-5:00 1-22 on my way to roaring river. Fishing was great, caught at least a dozen fish. Fished from spring creek road(helicopter display) down to the ped. bridge just over a quarter of a mile. Its been a quite a while since I have fished hickory and flooding has definately changed the holes some. This stream fishes alot like crane, tight quarters, spooky fish. I'm still wondering if there is some natural reproduction going on in this stream, every time I fish it I catch at least one fingerling, also caught two in the 14" range.




The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing.

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Looks like a baby wild trout to me!! I was in town last week and stopped in to peek at the lunkers in the Spring Park, wow, there are some nice ones just down from the main concrete pool. No doubt during a big rain those boys may move on down..I've got to fish this creek some day.

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Definately looks streambred to me. We caught a few just like it in a couple of wild streams last week that looked a lot like that one. I always figured if they would spawn successfully though it would be further downstream, more out of the park. I guess it could have escaped from the hatchey, but I would like to hope it was spawned in the creek.

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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I'm like Buzz on this one. I would like to think it was streambreed, but not convinced of it. Too close to the hatchery for me to think otherwise. The water is cold enough all year, but not sure about the habitat for successful spawning, but then again I could be wrong. Those are pretty marks though!

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