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post-5149-126496290967_thumb.pngpost-5149-126496294365_thumb.pngpost-5149-126496296987_thumb.pngpost-5149-126496299408_thumb.png113 the wreck of the Zebulon Pike ,west of point 1 in about 80 f.o.w.It took about 45 mins of idling around but I spotted her right about dark. Now that I know where she is I will try to get some better angles next time out.

114 main lake cut with fish in it ,I know for sure one was a 2 lb k.

115 A school of white bass near Shell Knob,caught several dropping spoons.

116 another view of same

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Nice Pictures!! Would like to see more on the ship wreck... Maybe even someday get some lat and Long as to were it is.. Would like to see it on the 1197 with the 800 mhz working.. Great Job!! Keep Looking..

Good Fishing


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Hey, very interesting guy's!!!


This may help with locating the boat.


This gives a pretty cool side view of the boat resting on the bottom.

Anyway, you guys may already have this but, just thought I would pass it along. Best of luck in your search.

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Good shots!

The Pike looks like its on the side of a steep slope. Amazing stuff!

And thanks Chief for the links, looks like there are a bunch of sunken boats to check out.

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I was reading up on the Pike and found a diving website. Here is a quote from the website, "When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flooded the valley upstream from Table Rock Dam, they submerged the small town of Oasis, Missouri. Like a modern, midwestern Atlantis, the town still sits under about 100 feet (30 m) of water. Advanced divers can float down Main Street to the town's small wooden church, which, although deteriorating after nearly 40 years underwater, offers wreck diving of a different order."

Has anyone ever seen this? Or fished around it? I have never heard this story before and have lived in the Ozarks for 30 years! Just wondered if anyone had any stories about this! You guys with those fancy sonars should definitely look for this and get some screen shots!

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From what I have read on the scuba site, A diver did find the remains of what he thought to be the town of Oasis, he said he found evidence of some remains but no structures to speak of. Also it was said that the corps razed whatever structures that were still standing before the lake was flooded.

Regarding the Zubulon Pike, apparently the real Zebulon Pike is still floating, the ship that is sunk was called the "General" and was some kind of floating dock for the Pike, made from an old barge. The Zebulon Pike has been known to be docked at Cricket Creek marina several years back.

After searching for more info, it appears that there are MANY sunken boats in Table Rock, One I found interesting is supposedly in 65 feet of water laying on its side on the (north) dropoff side of point 7. I even read somewhere that one of the scuba pro's took a bunch of fish guides down to view the enchanted forest. Sounds interesting, not sure if it was true though?

Another interesting tidbit... the sunken bridge at Kimberling City has had a bell installed near the top of the structure about 9 years ago, divers go visit the bell annually. When Table Rock was being flooded apparently the bridge was in the process of being salvaged but the water rose too fast so they had to abandon the salvage operation and just left one span in place. If you can get a clear shot of it on sonar supposedly you can see the bell.

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zeb pike [or the general] N36 37.859 W93 20.146 should put you close. I also found this info on a dive website.capt Don do you get more detail with the 800mhz? I want to get some shots of the bridge next time out,how cool would it be to have divers down there when you are scanning .I think you could still stay at a safe distance from the divers with the side scan.

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