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  1. I’m amazed that more guys didn’t go up river and throw a deep crank i believe wheeler did with some success but that is kvd bread n butter the crank
  2. Just got in from kc area had water 78 first thing this morning during the rain was 81 when I got off at 430
  3. Yeah my bad I meant 900 didn't check myself Would be nice to clean up some shore line and as Bill said some so called structure I've never caught anything on any of the piles I believe they have good intentions but sometimes over think things
  4. Would love to see it at 700. I would be running up and down lake taken pics and looking for baits
  5. I live down joe bald and the mud is at the confluence of the James and white. The mud is only coming from the James as this time.
  6. I have talked several other guys who fish at night and they have had the same thing happen to them. One even when over to them to just asked if they had seen him sitting there. There reply to him was we have a right to go wherever we see fit so go back to your spot we wont be long. I really feel that these guys need a etiquette handbook when purchasing a license. For that matter maybe just give everybody one. I realize that there are others that cut people off too, but where you can blame ignorance But this plain DISRESPECTFUL and completely out of hand. I was raised up and taught if s
  7. Well I was fishing the peninsula with the boat sitting in 30' of watercasting toward bank. They were on other side of lake running aroundthe flat pocket. As I seen them motor around ramp area I had my llights on and they disregarded my presence and came down the bank killed a few fish and turned around a couple of times in front of me. I don't have any problem with whatever you like to do on the water, just pull your head out of your back side and respect the rest of us on the water. This is big enough to accommodate all of us.
  8. Was fishing last night around dam area with lack luster results. But what really made the night a blast was a boat load bowfisherman comes between me and the bank I am trying to fish. I watched thses guys do the same to another boat and it is just plain rude and disrespectful. There hasn't been a night lately that you don't see a couple of those boats lighting up the joint. Now I don't have a problem with bowfishing itself. But have some courtesy and respect for people already on a spot fishing. Dont go between the bank and someone fishing. Just ain't cool.
  9. Nite bite has been ok but not lights out. Has been slow for me. Going out tonight about dark to avoid traffic. Most all my fish have came in 20-30 on plastics.
  10. Great job Champ, I can't wait to get out there tomorrow. Going to take the kids and hope there still eatin. Thanks for the report.
  11. You can store it at grand rental station on n. Hwy 13 just past dd hwy. Costs 20 a month for outside storage if you have a tarp.
  12. I know Carmen and Mark. Nice guys and good fisherman from West Plains area. Nice to see someone I know up top there Nice job too Jason.
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