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  1. I totally get where you are coming from, Jacob. I fished Fellows before there were muskies and have fished Fellows since muskies were stocked...I don't notice a difference at all in the lake...just another fish to catch, photo, and release. I have fished Pomme for decades as well, and that remains one of my favorite lakes for all species. I appreciate the variety we are afforded.
  2. I get what you're saying, but there have been countless studies done that show muskies have virtually no impact on a fishery. Some might even argue the contrary...that lakes improve by the introduction of muskies. I love fishing all fish species. Some of the best walleye, smallmouth, and panfish lakes I have fished all throughout the country and into Canada all have something in common...muskies are in all of them!
  3. Good point, Jacob. And trout aren't the only other species to receive special attention. There would be pretty much no walleye fishery in the State of MO if it wasn't for those darned biologists.
  4. Is that because your fisheries biology degree and training are so much more effective than "a few dipshit biologists?" Heaven forbid those "dipshits" provide anglers with an opportunity to fish muskies this far south. Lord knows there are no other places to fish bass, catfish, and crappie...
  5. Thanks, shark bait. I appreciate the reply.
  6. Anyone have any water temps after this cool down? Thanks!
  7. If that's not the truth!!! I actually witnessed that exact thing yesterday...all while I was working my tail off and looking at my $25 flip phone. And don't forget about the tax dollars that go to those jobless people's 20 different offspring!
  8. Of course I'm not the real KVD. The real KVD is Kevin Van Dam...look at my handle. How many fish do die at the weigh in? I have fished numerous tournaments during my lifetime. The tournament directors seem to do a great job of releasing the fish alive. And those "trophy ponds" that you speak of...what is the first rule you see on every single one??? That's right...catch and release. Maybe, just maybe, there is some kind of correlation.
  9. Aggressor, I'm glad you have been educated! I'm really glad you were willing to try to learn a little out about the subject. So kudos to you for that. Now maybe you can help pass the word that those muskies aren't quite as bad as everyone wants to make them out to be. KVD
  10. smbasser is right. The fishing pressure on Fellows has greatly increased over the last few years. And unfortunately the catch and release ethic appears to not have increased with it. On a lake as small as Fellows, I don't think that equates to long term success. The big fish need to be let...especially those muskies!
  11. This is coming from a guy that told another poster to go fornicate himself??? Aggressor, I like your diversionary tactics with your posts. You got called out because you were posting nonsense that you knew little to nothing about, and then you deflected that and went on to curse at another forum member. trythisonemv had it right. This is a place to learn. You can learn about your misconceptions of an elusive gamefish, or you can continue to regurgitate untruths that have been passed on by other uninformed anglers.
  12. fishinwrench, I guess we must have been in the same boat as you...reading and posting on fishing forums.
  13. fishbait3, Believe it or not, I had read this same survey before. I'm sure Aggressor had seen it before too...in his years of doing musky research. And the funny part, this is only one of numerous studies that showed similar results. I have never seen a single study that indicated crappie were a primary forage species. That is why I asked Aggressor to show me one...just one. Maybe he can get Kelley and Long to get a quick research paper typed up with all the musky stomach contents surveys they participated in. What gets me is there are people all over that claim musky are eating a
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