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Upper River Guage


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What is fishable on the Montauk guage? By fishable I mean reasonably clear water (can still see the bottom and see fish), and safe wading. How high before it's "blown out," what's "normal" etc. Maybe we could pin this info up on the river guage thread so we can stop rehashing all the time.

I'm hoping to hop down and celebrate not watching football on Sunday, but I won't bother if it's not really worth going.

Thanks in advance.

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anywhhere in the 200's is okay by me and im really a sight fisherman. It does really depend though on how fast it comes up. It looks like it was on the rise as of a little bit ago when i checked but i still plan on heading down with some friends and one of my professors on sunday before the super bowl.

I drive a little black honda with black wheels....cant miss it! gray simms vest and gray/tan simms waist high waders and a blue and white g loomis hat (my lucky hat!! lol). Say hey if you see me!

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