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Winter Trout Parks

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Over the last few years I've been to the trout parks quite a bit during the regular season over the past few years, but I hadn't ever come during the winter catch and release season until this year. I have to admit I like it a lot... I had all but given up on trout park fishing as a rule, but winter season is totally different. I must say that I may not be back to a trout park until next November (although I can't promise that) but I'll definitely have to keep this in mind for next year. It really is one of the most enjoyable times of the year to catch trout.

What do you guys think of winter C&R? I personally think it's the perfect mix of great fish numbers and lack of crowds.

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I tend to hit the parks on the weekdays or a Sunday during regular season. Weekends suck. If I am up there on a weekend, I start out down in the river and stay away from the crowd.

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I used to fish Montauk quite a bit in the winter however it has gotten more crowded lately. Nothing like regular season but still too busy for my liking. However, one tip I found, in the winter, hit the bait water areas, all the flyfisherman head up to the fly only area and some of the best water is the bait area that you usually don't get to fish without a huge summer crowd. Always trying to do what others aren't!

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In my opionion you are right on OTF. Glad you got out this winter and tried it. And like Andy, I will on occasion take Little Chief during during late summer.

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I really think it's great... Many states don't allow fishing during the closed season, and I think it's really a nice thing that Missouri does allow it in the trout parks. What's really nice, is by the end of the season, those fish are really starting to act like resident trout.

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