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Short Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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Haven't been out much- sorry about the lack of reporting. But conditions haven't changed much in weeks and fishing (catching) hasn't either. Everyday is different though... some days are good biting days and some aren't. Yesterday was not a good biting day. Josh, my son-in-law, and I got out for a couple of hours and fished only the trophy area. Saw Brett and Chuck out and if I read them correctly they were having a real tough time. We did too. I didn't boat a trout and Josh caught 4 rainbows drifting a peach egg fly. Jigs- they were hitting short, very short.

We did see gulls diving on something right below the dam, well above the cable. We boated up there to see if we could see what they were diving on. I told Josh, that was the FIRST time I'd ever ran my boat above the cable. Sure, I'd run up a couple of boat lengths at times, then start fishing at the cable but never had the boat up close to the dam. We did not go inside the wing- it made me nervous to be that close. But we saw nothing in the water. But they had to be diving after something.

Right at the cable is where we got our short bites on white jigs. Nothing at all below.

Today- different story. White jigs were hot from the cable downstream maybe 300 yards. Slow from there down to the KOA. A few of the rainbows had big bellies - I call them shad bellies. I believe we've had some shad but very few. Most are not making it to the cable and none past the first island. Sculpin jig - all 1/8th oz - worked good in the whole area.

Note- yesterday, 4 units almost full tilt. Today, 2 units. Much easier to get a jig down and feel the bites. No wind today either.

I did see Brett and Chuck catching fish today too.

Tomorrow... same generation schedule as today - 2 units all day. But wind and colder. Will be tough.

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