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Getting Ready For 2010

esox niger

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couple new flies for this year. post yours if u want. il add more later...

this first one is the latest. just learned how to make furled chenille worms, and thought i should apply to a rabbit strip fly. this thing has a very cylindrical "squirrel tail" appearance and feel. Should breath great in the water, and its fun to play with too. good cat toy!

3/0 saltwater hook

magnum strip tail and body

yellow estez head

lead eyes

mono weedguards

tie the magnum strip in at the back. make it more than twice the desired length tail you want. now attach hackle pliers and dubbing spinner if you have one. twist the strip until it begins to kink up in the center when you release pressure on the twisted strip. you can help it by placing another dubbing spinner at the point on the rope where u want the tail to end. get the kink to form at that point...once the twist starts wrap the remainder of the tail back in the same direction as the initial kink was going. and tie down at the rear. now use the leftover piece if long enough to palmer the rest of the shank, or tie in new peice. wrap forward and tie off. add eyes and estez and weedguard if desired.

this one may be a little long and could be more reasonable tied with thinner strips.this thing has alot of fur on im.




Missouriflies.com Online Carp Fly Store :)

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