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I am new drop shotting and have some general questions. On TR how long do you guys typically leave your tag end?? I know this depends on what depth the fish are suspending at but if there is a starting point on the length what would be a general rule of thumb? During the late June and July months where would a guy have the best luck drop shotting? I am thinking long gravel points between 30 and 40 feet of water. How do you guys hook your finesse worms--wacky style, texas rigged style ect????? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I was also wondering if any of you use another lure like a jig on the bottom of the drop shot instead of a drop shot weight?

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About a foot or two on the weight below the hook. Just experiment. Everything else you said is great. Check out the archives, I believe we have an article on tablerock bass titled Dropin in. Or something like that. Alot has been written.

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