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Weekend Report


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Caught fish all weekend in the Dam area on a 5/16th bass X jigs coupled with paca chunks in a variety of colors. Watermelon candy, Missouri Craw, Green Pumpkin Flash, Ugly and PBJ. PBJ seemed to get the most bites out of those colors but i dont think it really mattered that much. Fish were coming in anywhere from 15-28ft of water, deeper in the afternoon and coming in shallower as the evening approached. Actually did better in the evenings 4-7oclock than early in the mornings. Struggled mid-day from 10-2, a lot less action. Did best on chunk rock banks and around deeper docks. Shady banks, some wind and shady side docks even better. Tried drop shotting Sunday at the ends of deep docks (40-60ft) but i am a novice (at best) with DSing, from 10-noon with no success. Broke 2 DS rigs off and got frustrated and went back to the jig. The night before i thought about trying the white spoon in those deep docks but opted for the dropshot instead. After reading the PAA results from the weekend i want to shoot myself for not going with the white spoon :noway: Also tried a blade and wigglewart at times throughout the weekend and had no takers on either. Dad caught a few on a chrome mcstick in the small amount of time he fished this weekend. Weather was great and as usual enjoyed my time on the Rock.


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