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black bass spawning

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Water temp has warmed up enough again to lure bass to our bank for spawning. Bass typically spawn late on Taney... this is very late. But it's happening as I type!

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I may have to come down over the long weekend. The water in front of your place is beautiful. I could not get over how clear it was when I was there Monday. I didn't do much to the fish but saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree.

Are the fish locked on beds or still moving around alot? I didn't check the temp when I was down there. Any idea what it might be? It is amazing that it is July and there are fish spawning.

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The water temp was running between 50 - 60 degrees all week. It would be cooler earlier in the morning or if they were running water. Usually it was running 53 - 58 which is when largemouth will start to get on beds.

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