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Fishing At Pointe Royale


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we got a condo at point royale, how is the fishing at this access point?????????

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we rented a condo and it is right by what i learned is called lookout island and manhole, here at pointe royale. caught a couple bows last night on bugger, fished the dam this am and then generation started this afternoon and i couldnt catch anything. u better off fishing at the dam or here???????????

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You are on one of the best spots on the river. That bank is hot all the way from the channel between the island to point royal and down the gravel bank as far as you want to walk. The fish hang there in 2 to 5 foot of water near the bank from point royal.

Keep stripping the wollies (black,sculpen,green,black over yellow) water off drift small jigs olive,sculpin,orange, evenings bead head midges black with silver or copper rib9 12 inches under an indicator, multi colored egg flies or peach(dead drifted on bottom).

I will be there the next 4 days fishing that area and on down to short creek. Stop by lilleys and see what they recommend to use there or at the dam. BTW forgot to mention grey, brown, olive scuds 16 and smaller fished ticking the bottom. lift the rod every 15 sec or so for action.

My son and I will be in a 20' pro crappie boat with orange Lilleys hat. Wave or holler if you see me. We are fishing out of Lilley's marina.

Tight lines


Thom Harvengt

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days have been rough for us, but im hitting some bows after dark on woolies

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