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post-11270-12879387398992_thumb.jpgHey all I am Jeff, I am a striperholic...... Love to fish for everything but have an all out obsession for big stripers and big eyes. Hoping to find others who share my disease...... I dont know everything but am willing to share what i do know... Check out my photos at ozarkstripers.com
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welcome aboard -- couldn't be in a much better area for hunting the big eyes and stripes.

we should swap some stories and secrets sometime.

Youtube Channel

Here is a dandy we got this summer on the south end of Table Rock - 11 lbs 9 oz


good fishing!


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SamKam, that is by far the weirdest looking striper I have ever laid eyes on... Too bad it wasn't a walleye, that woulda been a dandy...

hmmmm...my mistake. You said Striper, not Stripper Fanatic. I'll put my dollars back in my pocket.

Bwah ha ha!!! That was good.... :)


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Very nice walleye. We do need to get together on the swapping info. I checked out some of your videos and we do things completely different. I think we could learn a lot from each other and may both benefit. Need to hook up and get after some big stripes Very nice boat by the way.....

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