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Hello. My name is Ed and I'm a new member from Kansas City. Most of the time I fish for largemouth bass, and up here, there aren't any smallmouth bass to speak of. However, I have been doing some reading and I am interested in fishing some of our Missouri streams and rivers for smallmouths, especially the Gasconade. This forum appears to have a lot of information about these Ozark tributaries so I hope to learn a lot from those of you who frequent these streams. I fish for crappie and members of the white bass/striper family as well.

My home lake is Smithville Lake, a 7150 acre reservoir just north of Kansas City, but I fish Truman a bit as well. In addition, I fish a number of smaller MDC lakes and occasionally hit Stockton too. Most of my fishing experience has been on lakes using anything from a jon boat to a bassboat.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge." (Daniel J Boorstin)

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Welcome Ed!

Enjoy the forum!! I've been a part of OAF for awhile now and there is a LOT of great resources here.

Talk to you soon,


If you liked the sound....Thank the engineer!

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Welcome! You'll be happy here. These guys have a ton of knowledge which you seek. There are literally days worth of good reading in all of the threads. Look back through them all and I'm sure you'll find more than what you are after.

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