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Stockton Wed. 11/03


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Again we found it tough to put fish in the livewell. Only had 4 keeper crappie. Probably twice that many shorts, 2-14" walleye, 2-14" blk bass and several smaller blks. Graphed fish right on the bottom at 12' to 20' depending on where you were at.

Places we had been catching keepers were still bare. About half and half on minnows or jigs. Both walleye were caught on a jig.

We went up into the Big Sac arm farther than we usually go but any place we found fish on the graph we'd catch 1 or maybe 2 and that would pretty much be it.

Water temp was 58* when we got there and about 61* when we left.

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I was up at Rourke Wed. also. Fishing was tough ,but you couldn't beat the beautiful weather. We probably won't get to many more days like that this year.

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I don't like fishing deep water (more than 20') but it's getting to be that time of year. We tried jigging spoons at a couple of places but didn't do us any good.

Heads up for Monday. I've got 2 Dr. appt.s that day so the weather should be really nice.

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