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Time For Bird Watching

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This is my first post so please be gentle with me.

Went out fishing yesterday with a buddy and started catching some nice smallmouth about 15-18 feet deep on a jig.I decided to go check out a stand of cedars back in a cove and while idleing back there I noticed about 20 gulls sitting on the water.After fishing the cedars with no success I told my buddy that those birds were back here for a reason.I started motoring over to them and as they all took off I started seeing some loons in the area.As I motored closer my depthfinder lit up with a huge school of shad.The school topped out at 10 ft and bottomed out at 55 ft.We were in 60 ft of water.We both tied on a half ounce white jigging spoon and dropped them to the bottom.In the next 45 minutes we caught the heck out of Kentuckies and whites.I love this time of year when the fish school up in the coves and creeks and you can absolutely hammer them.Just remember when your out there and see a bunch of birds in an area that they are there for a reason.

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