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Small Stream Practice On Brown Water


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Morning all...Being new to the small stream trout fishing scene, I wanted to get some casting practice back here in IL. I was going to head out to Silver Creek in Clinton county. Can I look forward to catching anything? I've caught catfish in the creek before, and I know there are suckers and carp. Any suggestions on fly types? Anyone done muddy creek fishing before? Thanks In Advance, Mic

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Flashy minnow patterns like a crystal minnow, or some type of woolly bugger. Stacked blondes, decievers, and clousers should work as well. Hope this helps.


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I would say go for them carp!! That would be an awesome experience. 10lb Carp kicks the crap out of a 10lb rainbow any day(at least in the fight). Wooly buggers and leech imitations should work well, and as previously mentioned a minnow pattern should be deadly. Good luck.

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