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Crappie-Pomme De Terre


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Hey guys, I'm plannin on taking my 10 yr old brother out this Saturday for some crappie at Pomme de Terre. I'm a bass guy and literally haven't went out for crappie exclusively in about 3 years. I'm plannin on putting in at Nemo and fishing the standing timber just down south around the bend, HarverStick Cove I think? I had good luck doing that in the past but like I said I haven't been there in over 3 yrs.

Has anyone been out for crappie lately on Pomme? I'm not looking for spots or specific lures or anything, just a pattern or a depth they've been at. I've been hearing a lot of good things about crappie on other lakes, so I figure I'd give it a try closer to home.

I'm plannin on using minnows, as thats all i've done in the past. Does anyone know if that ol gas station just past Nemo Bridge still carries minnows? That's where I used to go to get em and hope they're still there. If not, anywhere else around there to get minnows? And how early do they open?

Thanks in advance everyone! I'll let ya know how it goes out there!

Set the hook first, ask questions later...

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Hope you have a great day on the water and catch a boat load. I haven't been for a few weeks but they were on fire. I imagine they will still bite fairly well but may be a touch slower now the weather has gotten a lot colder. I have been catching several in Haverstick around the trees but you should also try Bailey (one cove south) and the next cove south of that. Last time out I caught several on the edge of the channel where the channel swings in close to the bank.

The depth of water didn't matter much, fish were probably 3-10 feet down. I've heard some good reports coming from brushpiles. Not sure about minnows, don't normally use them, just use jigs. The gas station at Nemo does carry minnows but don't know what time they open, you can also buy them at the new gas station at Carson's Corner just up from the dam, Pomme De Terre Outfitters just outside of Pittsburg or the place just across 64B from White's Marine.

Good luck and give us a great report!


Have your visited Limitville lately?

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Well I didn't end up going out today. With the forcast of wind like it was, plus the sub 40 degree weather, I decided it was probably a smarter decision not to take my young brother out with me in a 14 ft flatbottom jonboat. My whole goal is to make our fishing trips as enjoyable to him as I can. As windy and cold as it is, it woulda been miserable out there for him, not to mention dangerous as cold as it is. I thought back to that tragic incident on Stockton earlier this year where that father and his son lost their lives out there in a smaller boat and cold weather. Just no reason to chance it.

I do thank you for the great tips though, believe me I will make it out there in the near future and it will be extremely helpful.

Set the hook first, ask questions later...

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You did a smart thing here bud. Even if you had been safe your little bro would have been miserable with the temps and wind. You have lots of time to be a big brother.

If things settle down and you get the PM thingy going I'd be glad to send you some info. I tried but you can't get PMs.

We had more than a double limit on STK yesterday.

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