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I'm kind of new to fly fishing and fly tying. I am a member of North Arkansas Fly Fihers, the members primarily fish the White River System. I took the beginner fly fishing class they put on and went fishing as the "graduation" of the class. I have not been fishing since then.

I live about 40 miles east of Branson, MO and want to go fly fishing over there. The NAFF meet in Mtn. Home, AR which is about 50 from my house. Before I forget, HI to all the NAFF members that are a part of this forum.

I also took a fly tying class that NAFF put on a couple of months ago. It has been quite a learning curve. I know that I will learn the terminology in time, but it sure daunting hearing all the terminology, acronym's and initials that are bandied about. I am barely competent as a tier, but surly will get better as time goes on. I still have more equipment to buy and all the other "stuff" needed to tie flies.

I'm sure I'll find a lot of good information and help on this board.

Best Regards,

Jerry Knox

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Welcome to fly fishing and this forum Jerry.

Don't sweat the lingo -- not too many folks here are too worried about the Latin names for insects, or all the other technical BS that you encounter out there. It always boils down to stuff you probably know -- put a bait/lure/fly where it's supposed to be, and learn to make it look like something the fish wants to eat. Then they'll eat it more often than not, and you're in the club.

Fly-fishing has all the other elements too: fly-tying, rod-building, being more in-touch with the stream and its natural forage. It's something that you can study and learn for a lifetime. It's more about the subtleties than the raw power of you or your equipment.

PS: Don't tell anyone how easy it is -- that'll spoil the mystique.


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Jerry... welcome to the forum, fly fishing, and the NAFF. I'm not a member of that club, but know a lot of the members and they are a part of the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Council of which I am a board member. I'm sure you know of the Sowbug Roundup coming up in March, so be sure to attend that one. You will learn a lot about fly tying there for sure. I'll be tying at that event at some point myself. But as a member of NAFF, you have a host of fine fly anglers and tiers at your disposal for sure.

Come on over to Taneycomo and join us for a lot of fun with the fly rod. We'd love to have you come New Years Day and introduce yourself to some of the members of this forum at our annual freezing cold windy got to be stoopid to be out there fishing and potluck lunch... LOL

Any questions about fly fishing or fly tying, just ask. Of course, expect about 30 different answers to the same question... LOL

You are in a great White Bass location and Whites on a fly rod are more fun than a person should be allowed to have. It's getting time to get your fly tying mind on White Bass flies, so stay tuned.



"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process." - Paul O’Neil

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Thanks guys for the warm welcome.

Terry, for some reason, I think I've heard or read your name somewhere. Hope it was good and not bad! LOL.

Charlie, nice to "meet" you again. It is a small world after all.

Merry Christmas!


Welcome Jerry,

Great people on this site so feel free to ask lost of questions.

- Charlie

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