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Creeks Around Branson?

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Hi I have lived in the branson area for almost 2 years now. I like creek fishing but I am unfamiliar with the good creek spots around here . Some guys you talk to wont give up their secret spot like this guy

. Last Sunday I got back from a trip to st louis (were I am from) and it was laundry day . So we head up to hollister and the ye old wash house laundry mat. I took my gear with me . I thought well their probably isn't anything in turkey creek but ill be right there so what the hell. I went up and down the area by the bridge by bb highway . Just be for giving up I threw in to a deep pool on the far side of the bridge and bingo . Hook up nice little fatty 16 inch rainbow on a rooster tail. I have fished down their in warmer times of the year . Yes it is a hang out for drug users and strange breeds of white trash. I once walked up by a parked car and caught a couple in a chevy blazer doing meth . They panicked and open the car door a bunch trash fell out and then speed away with the seat belt handing out of the door . I just laughed but were are the good spots an how do u get to them ? Thanks guys and gals in advance if this is posted in the wrong place sorry

jagermeister anyone?

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Actually, we've talked and written about feeder creeks off Taneycomo many times.

Turkey Creek in Hollister is a great place but hit by locals pretty hard. Most aren't catch and release so they get caught out early. On up in Turkey can be good. Bull Creek is great. If you can find other access to other creeks they should have trout in them in the winter.

If you find others... we're open to suggestions.

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