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Walleye are accidental fish for me most of the time. I did go for them on purpose yesterday. I could only find them from 45-50' deep. Is that normal this time of the year? How deep do they go in our area lakes?

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The majority have been deep since the mid or end of October. The few I caught after the middle of October were 30+ feet down. As long as there is oxygen, they seem to prefer the dark. Mike Worley - a walleye guide on Bull Shoals - belongs to this board and would be the resident "expert". I do not night fish in winter, but those who do find shallower walleyes that move up to feed on shad during the dark.

In another 4 to 6 weeks, they will stage for the spawn and begin to move shallower... windy rip rap, King, James, and White rivers and large creeks.

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