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Low Low Crane


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Fished Crane yesterday at the upper section, water is very low and fish are gone :( Seems more water may be on the lower sections so hopefully in some sections the fish will make it. Caught 1 little finger long trout there






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I got out on the lower section today and saw (yeah, unfortunately, only SAW them) some nice-sized fish, so that might look a little more hopeful than the upper section. Just about all the streams around here need another few good rains.

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I was on middle section below park today and saw several redds. So may be time to give the fish a break -- keep in mind that even if they're not actively breeding or on a redd they're worn out and vulnerable at this time of year. So catch and release can easily become catch and kill, whether one means it to or not.

Also on lower MDC section today and water flows were decent but did not see redds there, oddly enough.

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