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  1. HA. No pictures. We intended on catching bigger fish that didn't turn out before we left.
  2. Thanks for the input. We ended up fishing the landing. Based on the current downriver that probably worked out in our favor for my boat size. We caught some fish on maribou jigs including 3 brown trout, biggest was 16". I don't have a lot of patience when trout fishing and likely fished to high in the water column for better numbers. Overall he seemed to enjoy the trip and will hopefully make a few trips to the lake once settled into school.
  3. A friends kid will be attending College of the Ozarks this fall. I'm planning on taking him down this saturday on a short trip to identify access areas he can fish without a boat. I'm not certain of his skill level yet but I assume it's primarily powerbait. I will be taking my boat so he can see what's in the water, learn the regulations, and get few lessons on fishing the system. For the upper portion I plan on showing him the following access areas. Am I missing any? -Outlets (waders recommended) -Fall Creek Marina -Lilleys Landing -Cooper Creek Access I doubt we have time to fish the lower section but should be pretty self explanatory of where he could fish.
  4. Sounds like a fine rig for Taney. I assume the 6 HP can get you on the water safely. I've got a 17' BassCat Phelix that I've taken on Taney multiple times without issue, lower and upper. The motor is an old Johnson 8 HP blazing along at 5-7 mph.
  5. Caught 4 keeper crappie with 6 shorts at CC today. Spotted bass, drum, catfish, and whitebass kept it interesting. Trolled the flats until we snagged brush and then dropped crappie jigs in the brush. Seen 3 other boats and some kayaks.
  6. I bumped into a school of big crappie last night putting 7 of my 8 fish in the basket in just a few minutes throwing a smoke grub. 2 were holding eggs the rest were males. Biggest was a 14.5" male. Time to start hitting the slack water and natural dam areas they stack up on.
  7. Fished turnback putting in at the highway 160 bridge. Caught a variety of fish including largemouth, crappie, white bass, and bluegill. Few more weeks and hopefully the bigger fish will be making it in. Had 2 keeper size crappie and 1 keeper size white. Mainly threw smoke grubs on a 1/16 oz jig.
  8. I find them best once summer really gets going dropping jigs around any wood over a foot deep. Shoal creek supports some nice crappie so don't give up yet. Lots of people fish the backwater just above grand falls. For whatever reason I've never got them going myself in that spot.
  9. Same as any big trout that's tired from the fight. Cradle the fish in the water until they are ready to take off.
  10. Yes, just catch and release during the winter.
  11. My wife and I took our annual trip to roaring river 1-21-17. Lots of trout willing to bite jigs specially when dropping to 2 lb test leaders. She caught 2 lunkers first thing of the morning on a chartreuse/pink jig.I didn't get any big bites but caught enough fish to fulfill me until next years trip primarily on an olive and orange jig. Lots of people enjoying the weather. I'm impressed by the consideration of most anglers this time of year, it makes for a good trip.
  12. I've found a hot bite on Shoal creek in Septembers years past and decided to try it on Stockton. I went as far up the creek as possible and struck gold on large spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs. Caught 20-25 fish with at least 5 keepers. The biggest three were 19", 20", and 21" .
  13. Haven't fished shoal creek lately but the waters very cold. Spring River was iced over in sections saturday. Few warm days and crappie will start biting
  14. Considering a trip to Stockton to look for deer sheds saturday 2/21. Has the last snowfall melted enough to make a trip worthwhile?
  15. Fished Saturday and caught some fish on jigs. Didn't get the bites or see the numbers I have seen a couple years ago. Maybe I was spoiled when the fishing was really good. Did run into an ottor where the railroad crosses the creek upstream from city park. Hope it leaves some fish for the rest of us.
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