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  1. Happy birthday, Laker. Sounds like a wonderful day.
  2. This I've discussed on other boards when Bennet Spring came up, but what's your typical tackle at the park? I use an inexpensive Cabelas 6 wt. and 6X leaders in summer. I often use 7x tippet. Stripping cracklebacks, I use a sink tip and 4lb. Vanish off a short piece of 15-20 lb. monofilament. The Vanish was a suggestion of a Bennett Spring resident a few year ago who was strolling the park with a young grandson and observed me fishing a standard tapered leader. He said never bother with the expense of the leader and go with something like Vanish or Vanish Gold off the monofila
  3. Over the years, I've heard this said repeatedly when water is high at Bennett: "People are standing where they should be fishing." I'd definitely work the banks and anywhere the current is reduced.
  4. I often take straight monofilament in three sections: 20lb., 12or 15 lb., 8lb.
  5. I just got done looking at the back footage on the trout cam, and it revealed a fuller picture. There were definitely the usual crowds at the beginning compared to photos from previous years. It definitely thinned out within a few hours. More like a typical summer weekend then.
  6. I glanced at the trout cam earlier and had the same thought. It looked like a normal day of use.
  7. Quite possible. I don't know that I'd do an opener "shoulder to shoulder," but fishing the park under normal conditions wouldn't bother me at all. I did get dissuaded from going to the park last summer. I didn't like the idea of everyone converging on showerhouses, bathrooms, the park store, etc. along with the stops you make to get gas and so on. I saw a needless risk of being in a confined space with the virus.
  8. I was just wondering what it will be like tomorrow. I wonder if it will be the usual crowds and shoulder to shoulder fishing.
  9. Surely you'd find some way to misbehave or some other fine way to get into trouble. I'm not from Missouri, but looking at an Old Delormes i can see a couple of wineries, several caves, Meramec State park, Missouri Mines state park . There's bound to be other stuff.
  10. Thanks, Ness. that's very nice of you to say. Good fishing to you!
  11. Mine is what you'd expect. I'm in the priesthood and I love to flyfish. I'll pick up any kind of rod, though, if it gets me out. No avatar. I never bothered.
  12. I've not bought from them, but they've been around at least 15 years. FWIW, they have a Cabelas in Wichita, too, if that interests you.
  13. I know of two deaths where I have a connection: one a cousin who got it at deer camp. They pretty much all got it, some more sick than others. The other was a colleague's mother. Didn't actually know her, though she lived in the local community It's definitely had its effect. Our life expectancy in the country has been reduced by one year courtesy of 500,000 deaths. (that' a little under 20% more than what we had in 2019). In the ministry, some of my fellow pastors occasionally use the term "Covid funeral." They are also doing more funerals than is usual.
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