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Weekend Plans - Where To Stay


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Looks like moderately warmer but cloudy and potentially rainy weather this weekend. Great time to get out of the house and into a boat!

I normally stay at the norfork river resort when I head that way, but I'm thinking about trying something else since I'm just taking the girl I'm seeing. I thought about White-Buffalo resort since I'd love to take her up the buffalo and show her where I'll be most of this spring, but I'm concerned that there won't be enough water to go up very far anyway.

Long story short, we'll be looking at a single day boat rental to get her on some drift fishing and rogue-jerking, (saturday) and two nights of lodging. I'd love to hear some recommendations for a place to stay. Looking for something not too expensive, preferably with a nice view of the river, and a jacuzzi for my .....uh....back. We would also need to be able to rent a boat of course. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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check out http://www.rileysstation.com/ the owners are very friendly(as are their kids) and they are right at the mouth of the buffalo. I believe that they have cheap rental rates and they have nice boats too. I borrowed their 48" JS boat and it was very nice. You wont be able to go very far up the buffalo right now so be aware.

everything in this post is purely opinion and is said to annoy you.

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I was just looking at Riley's. I've never been as far down as Calico. I like having the option to fish on the Norfork, but I rarely do anything on it from a boat other than fish the confluence in the evening. Riley's may be a pretty good deal.

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Riley's is great, I've been there a bunch. Good jerkbait water right off his dock and down river a ways.

Looks like the Buffalo is running about 200 cfs, probably can't get more than 1/2 mile up from the confluence.

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