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After discovering this forum and politely lurking around I have decided to join with the hope that, like coming upon a good fishing hole, I can find a spot and fit in without disruption. I lived in Little Rock during the 1980s and frequently fished Ozark streams for smallies and trout. Moved away to the east coast for 18 years to pursue fame and fortune (0/2, oh well) before moving to the midwest. After realizing that the Ozarks were once again within striking distance, I'm ready for a return to my roots. Although I usually take a few rainbows home when on the White, I'm a strictly catch-and-release barb-less hook type of guy.

I'm planning to come down to Arkansas for a fishing-canoeing trip in May when my son gets through with his first year of college (he's a Cornhusker- Go Big Red!). He's done some saltwater fishing and gone down the White river with a guide for trout a time or two, but has yet to really experience Ozark streams to their fullest. My plan is to take him on the Buffalo and wade fish a couple of the smaller creeks. Looking forward to reading the forum and making some contributions to the discussions. This forum may be the only thing maintaining my sanity over these next few months. Regards,

Dave Mac

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Welcome aboard. This is a great board, full of info freely shared. I'm not sure about preserving sanity though, sometimes it just feeds my obsession!....but the Dr. says I'm predisposed to that. :blur:

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