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The Norfork Special

Phil Lilley

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The Norfork Special


Hook: 2457 TMC size 12

Thread: UTC 70 Black

Bead: Tungsten Bead 7/64

Tail: Pine squirrel (olive)

Abdomen: SLF Original Blends # 14

Thorax: SLF Original Blends # 15

Legs: Sili legs in the barred style (olive/green)



I’m tying this on a size twelve, but it is really up to you on what size you want it to be tied in. I usually tie mine from size twelve when I’m fishing in lakes and creeks and for trout I tie from sizes fourteen down to twenty.

I already sled my bead on and got my thread started and now I am ready to tie in the pine squirrel for the tail.



Before tying this in, I like to only tie in the hide part with no hair on it until it gets to the bend of the hook. I like to tie in the piece at the front of the hook to make sure it is tied securely.


Once you are at the bend you are ready to dub the body. I like to start the dubbing small at the start and then taper it up to the hook. You need to leave room for the legs and the collar of the other dubbing so remember not to tie all the way to the bead.


Now cut about two strands of sili legs about an inch in length. Fold them around your thread and tie them down. You will notice that there not laying back at an angle. What you will want to do is tie back on the legs that are standing straight up just a little and that will give them that angle look.




Now dub the collar with the other color dubbing. That will also give the legs a pushed back look.


Whip the fly and glue it and you got a great pattern for all kinds of fish.

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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