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Taneycomo Fishing Report

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Man, after today, I need to be a Timex Watch, cause I took my licking, and I hope that I can keep on ticking.

I had two fantastic fisherman from Tao's New Mexico, and you know what that means, Ya, the SanJuan.

I just don't think it could have been any flatter or tougher for me. The water was extremely low and the only movement on it is when you would breath.

Maby saw 10 fish midge all morning and that would be a real emblished estimate.

We caught 16 and the largest was maby 11 inches, and again I am probably stretching him a mite.

It was so bad, they were digging out 24's and 26's and couldn't talk them into it. We even waded abit on the gravel bar above fall creek next to the boat lane. Absolutely no fish at your feet.

Fished midges and scuds from 14's to 20's and fished dry's in the shade of the bluff banks as long as it was there. Hung droppers off the drys, scuds and midges and that's how we caught the few we had. The 11 incher came on a big stimulator being used for the indicator.

These guys were casting 40 ft. and laying it right next to the bluff. They knew how to fish and how to dead drift and just flat couldn't get bit.

I had taken them a couple of years ago and we had a great day with water moving. They remember, we waded and had lots of fish at our feet,and had them eating the ginger size 14 scud, before it started to move and then we really hammered them on the moving water with Pink Micro Jigs.

They said it was not uncommon to have over 100 fish at their feet and just down on the SanJuan, and Midging almost constantly. Of course these guys were completely catch and release and they just didn't believe a fishery as small as taney, could sustain with the removal of 4 fish per person per day. With the fishing prussure we have.

Both commented they saw more fisherman from Lilleys' thru Andy Williams than they see in a week on the SanJuan. There was lots of folks out there today, i bet Fall Creek dock had at least 30 fisherman, and there were about 25 boats in the lower restricted area. With all the traffic just getting there in the fog,was a chore. Thats another topic.

No wind and they didn't kick the generators until after 11:30. You could flat ring out your shirt with the heat. Where were the generators when i needed them. Maby tomorrow, I'm starting later.

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