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The Lake Has Changed!

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  • Root Admin

I got out this morning when the water was barely running, drawn down because of the boards being down at Powersite, and boy has the lake changed.

First, Short Creek gravel bar is almost non existant. I went over the bar and the depth should have been 3 feet and it was 6-7. There's still a bar there but it's edge is much closer to the south bank and the mouth of the creek. There's a shallow flat below the mouth about 300 yards that looks like goes from one side of the lake to the other- no channel. I ran through and around the area with a depth finder- could not see the bottom- so I'm not 100% on it but it is different for sure.

At the Narrows above Fall Creek, there's a ridge of gravel that runs from the channel edge to the west side of the lake and stops about 100 feet from the bank. The gravel drops off suddenly into 4-6 feet of water. There's no flat bar that extends down past this. The bar above this is very shallow and I'm sure it will be out of the water completely when the water is off and at normal level. There's actually another shoot/channel on the opposite side of the main channel- that's right- there's 2 channels now on opposite sides of the lake.

I have not been above Lookout or even to Lookout when the water is low so I can't speak of the bottom up there.... yet.

There's other gravel piled up in other areas... I've taken pics and will post them with a report later this evening.

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