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Boat/wading A Better Possibility Now On Taney

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With these new bars on Taney, plus the old one, there are really good opportunities to boat, get out and wade now.

The bar at the Narrows offers great opportunity to get out and wade all the way across. I told Darin, that water looks great for swinging streamers and woolies as well as midges. I drifted scuds for a short time today and caught fish in only one place and there's a hundred yards of gravel bar to wade now.

Lookout Island has changed for the better too. It's bigger for one thing and with the water running like it is, you can wade on both sides as well as the bottom end. I overheard the guys on the bar today say they were catching a ton of trout.

We rent jon boats- you can make it up to the Island in about 10 minutes with a 25 hp motor, beach the boat and wade. If you want to try it, PM me and I'll shoot you a deal for the month of June. This would be for transporting you from here to there... that's the deal. If you want to go out and fish from a boat all day, then there's a regular rate for that, which is very reasonable, I believe.

I'm just sayin' ... even with this running water, you can still wade Taneycomo!!

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I'll have take a look. I've been curious about the rebar and the gravel bar below the last hatchery outlet.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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