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Fish Report 6-11 Thru 6-12


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Fished on 6-11 from Baxter to Shell Knob area. Some floating debree still half way in the back of Baxter.. no bite there. We worked mostly main lake points after that. Water temp from 80 to 83. No top water action anywhere for us. Fished spooks and fins. Spotty grub bite (smoke pepper 5" and plain smoke 4") through entire area. Fished main lake points. Caught 40 or so shorts no keeps. Some on watermelon red shaky head, no lipless bite or other crank baits. No jig bite for us either. Threw to just outside of trees and worked out to 25 to 30 feet. Most hits were close to tree line. Some followers to boat. We tried some dock fishing with a whacky flick shake with some success. My partner called from Tenkiller and was whacking them on the docks with that rig so we tried it. Wind picked up and pleasure boat traffic did too. Stopped fishing about 3:30.

6-12 much different. Out at the crack of dawn. I took Pete Wenners advice and threw 5/8 oz, PBJ jig. I used a watermelon red critter craw trailer with 3 rings bit off as a trailer. Fished out of Mill Creek down to Joe Bald. Smallmouth good on it. 3 of them 18"ers. One 5lb. largemouth thumper too.. 7 keeps by 1:45. Very few shorts but, found it was interesting that I caught no spots on the jig. My partner caught some spots and lg. mouths on the shaky head and grub but still no keeps. We found fish in the backs where water drainage ares were visible, on secondary pts. and of course main lake points. Had to be a slow sloping bank. Nothing on 45 degree banks for us. Most fish were just outside of cover. However, some of the smallies were on the pea gravel, no nothing banks too. Fish were mostly around 8 to 15 feet deep. Caught a keep smallie on last cast at 1:45. What a life and and what a lake!!!

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