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Hi Y'all! Another Lady Fisher Here

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I recently started fishing again for the first time since I was seven years old. My Grandad was quite the fisherman and he took me fishing several times ... then my family moved away from the Ozarks and I hardly ever got to see him much less get to go fishing.

I moved back to the area about 5 years ago and decided to pick up the rod and reel again.

As you can tell from my screen name, once I started I bought some rods. LOTS of rods. In a matter of less than two weeks I managed to get seven. :secret-laugh: I'm kind of a disaster.

I mainly fish for pan fish, and I'm going on my first trout fishing trip tomorrow at Roaring River! I'm really excited! May even try to catch some catfish this evening. I live in the Springpatch (Springfield) area and there are lots of places to indulge my habit around my house.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I love all the info on this site!

Hope they're biting where you are!

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A trick that sometimes works for me is....I buy two of the same rods at the same time. That way when my Mrs sees one she thinks I just bought one not two. Welcome to the family!

Tim Carpenter

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