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Storms Today

Phil Lilley

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I didn't notice it as being a strong storm but we had some winds and a good rain a couple hours ago.

Cooper Creek Resort's lower dock broke lose in the wind. The upper half piveted upstream and ended up against the upper dock. The lower fishing pier headed downstream. So we had an adventure with 2 of our pontoons and 3 of their jons getting it bad upstream and tied off.

It was fun.

More rain commin'.

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I miss those midwestern storms...the ones out here suck, and weve been getting them everyday for like the last 2 months.

There are two types of people. Those who dream dreams and wish, then there are the do'ers. I am a do'er!

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It is hotter than... well, lets just say that on the 10 day forcast the lowest high temp is 102. Please send rain. The weathermen are comparing the current drought and temps to the dustbowl of the late '30's.

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Was in the 90's here today until about 3 in the afternoon then it clouded up and looked like rain. Just sprinkled but it cooled off to 75 and that was sure nice.

You know I was listening to a guy on TV the other night and he said that we have gone through at least 16 ice ages and that what is happening now would happen even if we were not here. He stated that we "MAY" have caused the temptures to go up by about a degree to a degree and a half top's. He also said that no matter what we would still see higher temp's or colder temps it is the way of this planet. I believe he is right.

I remember as a kid it being hot like this. Use to get up a 5 to deliver papers and it would be 78 or 9 at that time of the morning. When I worked as a carpenter I remember that we could quit working when it reached 114 on the slab. We had to quit 14 days that month and the rest were close. To tell the truth I think it is more hype being an election year. LOL It is hot so more people will believe it ;) Ron

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