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Way Upper End


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On the 19th I fished up river from Beavertown to nearly the Houseman access. I fished with a skilled fisherman, Chuck Etheridge, who has taught me a great deal about walleye and catching them. We caught bream, we caught trout, we caught small bass. Unfortunately, the only walleye we caught was 17 inches. It came from 15 feet of water.

Water temp 76 to 79. We fished rigs with and without blades and fished water from 8 foot deep (in the brush) to 30 feet.

From the activity I saw I suspect the fish are in the brush and trees and a person would need to figure a way to swim a jig through the mess to have success.

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Thanks for the detailed and honest report, rps. Can always count on that from you. Bet you're right on those Walters being up in the bushes. Nice, cool and shady in there and probably plenty of food there, too.


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Thank you sir.

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