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Many Fish Up Here


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Did not go out in the howling wind early this morning. I waited until 8:30, then ran up to Roaring River to prospect for new walleye holes. I found bass (mostly spots), bream, and channel catfish by the dozens. Two of the spots would have measured. All were in 11 to 15 feet of water and willing to eat crawlers fished either on a harness or Lindy rig style. Look for humps or depressions in flat banks or points with deep water near by.

I did find six walleye and one measured.


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I figured to update the previous day's report rather than start a new thread. On the 28th, waited for the morning lightning show to stop before going out. Despite the overcast, it was a nothing morning for top water. Exactly two fish, both small.

Despite a couple of good days, I have to rate this year's top water fishing as only mediocre, so far. I guess the fact that during the prime time of late May to early June the largemouth were way up in the bushes may have something to do with it.

I fished for walleye after I gave up on top water. Sadly, the four I caught did not measure. I did hook one very large fish, type unknown, that pulled off after taking ten feet of line against my drag. :(

If you want a fun trip with kids, drift a split shot or C rig crawler over 13 to 14 foot humps and points. I caught dozens of spots, yes dozens, and big bream yesterday while trying to find the walleye. I burned through more than five boxes of crawlers.

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The way this year has gone I expect we will have to rent those special purpose super deep submarines to reach the fish by the end of July.

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