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Bass Fishing Wednesday

Thunderin Gobbler

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I'm planning on making a trip up to the lake tomorrow afternoon after work to do a little bass fishing. I'll probably go to CC, as that's about the closest and easiest place to go if I'm by myself. Has anyone been doing much fishing in that area? I'll probably head up the lake and fish the timber and bluffs. Last time I was up there they were hitting worms really good, hopefully it's still the same.

Thought I may try out the crankbait method on crappie a little too. I've never trolled for them before, so I don't expect much.

If I don't get stormed out, I'll post how good (or bad!) I do.

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I may head to State Park area today. Worms have been the ticket for me the past few weeks, so I would assume they still are. I'll try to give some kind of report. I'll take a few night crawlers and do some trolling for walleye. As long as they aren't deeper than 15 to 18 feet i can usually catch a few. Don't do so well deeper. Trip today depends on the wind...

A strike indicator is just a bobber...

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Fished the CC area twice last weekend. Water was a little green but not bad, temp 80. The white crappie were suspended at 10' below the surface just of the steep banks. They should stay that way for a while. I think you can probably pick some up with the crank baits. The problem the wife and I had was that they were mostly small. Saw a few good bass hit the surface during the day so you might try a spook or such. Good luck. It is suppose to be real hot out so stay hydrated and watch yourself.

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