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License Costs

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Just wondering what the cost of a nonres fishing license is in Missouri? I went to the state site and you can't get that information unless you go through all the trouble of filling out for the license? At least I couldn't find the cost? HELP! Ron :wacko:

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$35. This doesn't include a $7 trout stamp.


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Unless you will be here for an extended stay, it may be more economical to get daily tags at $5.50 per day.




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Thanks Folks for the help. My wife and I are looking into moving to that area when she retire's. She is the county health nurse here and has a few years left. We want to move were it is a mite cheaper to live and a mite warmer in the winter time. Can't decide if it will be Missiuri or Arkansas? Just have to see about the taxes and were the best VA center is and so on. But even if I move to Arkansas I will be close to Missouri as that is the area I would like to live in. I guided with Dale Fulton when we both worked for Bud Lilley's here in West Yellowstone.

Yes the trout fishing is great here but it is getting real crowded fast and with real rich people. I bought my house for less than 50 grand and it is now worth over 250 thousand and it is paid for. Just getting to expensive to live here. Can't even have a garden that will grow anything. Heck our tomato's are still green and about the size of a Golf ball. Mainly the heating bills here. I can take the heat but not the heating bills. Besides my family is from North central Arkansas. so that area is in truth home. ;) Ron

PS: To tell the truth after having guided here for about 37 years for trout it will be nice to catch something else with a fly rod or spinning rod. Be nice to have crappie to eat to. LOL Closest place to catch them here is almost 5 hour's drive. Ron

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