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Ethanol Free Gas?

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Ethonal free gas is fairly easy to find, but ethanol free REGULAR gas is... well, I've never even seen it around here. (Tablerock Lake)...Hey Bob's in Lampe has ethanol free premium, and it's really not that much higher the regular.....91 octane has never hurt any of my stuff that I know of...Beats the heck out of ethanol....

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Ha-Bob's in Lampe at Hwy 13 and "H". Rapid Robert's in Kimberling City. Phillips66/Conoco at old Hwy 13 and 76 in Branson West among others.

Most smart station owners advertize the lack of dreaded Ethanol on their marquee or on the Premium pump. ALSO, all the gas sold at "on-the-water" Marinas is Ethanol free, even the 89 octane stuff....if you can afford their prices.... They are exempt from having to add Ethanol to their deliveries since it is not meant to be used on Highways.

Keep in mind that the out-of-control E.P.A. just this year approved 15% alcohol content in gasoline supposedly for cars/truck built after model year 2001.

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Missouri can only sell ethanol free in premium grade fuel. You can get ethanol free regular in Oklahoma.

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