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8-3-11, Bennett To Nro


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I'm just crankin yer chain, the feeshin was AWESOME!! Fished Bennett to NRO with SWMOWayne yesterday, that dude is as cool as the other side of the pillow, man...

We we on the water by 8 am and were swarmed by floaters by 9:30...


Wayne wasted absolutely no time in picking up his first stocker:


He even picked up a smallie on that funky fly he was flippin:


We made it down to the island and the hole below it produced a few strikes, but then we got into smallmouth mode.. The hole in front of Danceyard had some big smallies sitting in it, but they weren't interested in the x-raps and the floaters were inundating us, so we chickened out and headed downstream to the two big holes above the picnic table run, where I always see big smallies patrolling the deep blue spots. We dropped anchor and worked those holes over with 4 or 5 different colors of x-rap, but no takers.. As canoe #115 floated by I said "Wayne, you know ol Glen would be chiding us about not breaking out the worms yet"

And with good reason! First cast with a worm:


One of Waymes first few casts wit de werm:


We caught goggleye and several small smallies over the next couple holes, plus we stopped and worked over wrench's favorite hole in the picnic table run, it produced several strikes as well as our first trout on the flies.. I was using Wrench's bead head crackleback and then a dark olive woolie bugger with a big shiney green bead head on it when we got to turkey run..



Wayne hooked a couple really decent fish as we drifted down toward Turkey run, they I spotted our lunch spot, halfway down turkey run:


We had a Prosciutta and Mozzarella roll, a half a turkey and a half a ham sandwich from the Lil Country Store Deli as well as some Nutter Butters..


As you could have guessed by the looks of that run in the photos, the feesh were feeding there, and we caught several by swinging buggers and such:



The tailout of Turkey Run had some really pretty log structures and such in swift water, we managed to drag up a few more smallies out of these holes, including Waynes FOTD:


As you can tell by the photo, Wayne's about all tuckered out at this point. It took another hour for me to figure this out, and we headed for the hills.

It was an absolute pleasure and a blast, Brother!! I agree that we need to make this a habit....


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Looks like you guys had a great day. The fish in this photo has some beautiful coloration to it.

Yuppers, that was the main reason for the photo, buddy... And even that photo doesn't do the fish justice, you could tell he'd been in the wild for a while... Fought like it too!! :)


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Very nice work you two! It looked to be a very quaility day on the water!

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Guest Buck Creek Mike

Wow, that looks like it must have extremely fun. Do you have an outboard on that john? Did you ever get into water that was too shallow to float? My buddy has a john and I've been talking about fishing up in the river. Looks like we're going to have to do it.

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