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Cabela's C.g.r. Series

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I do. I actually used it for the first time on the Niangua this week. I bought it for river and creeks thinking that a short rod would be easier to handle in solo craft and have an edge on accuracy for the short cast that so often come up where you have trees in the water and at your back. I had it loaded with a 444 bass taper and it threw everything from #4 hairy flies to #12 leeches without any problems. The only limitation was in roll casting and I'm not sure whether the length or the line was the bigger negative there, but I got by and picked up several trout out of a roll casting only riffle.

It's a little faster than the older glass rods which is a plus because you still have the glass, but you can put a little more into the cast.

So far so good in my eyes.

This is the rod in the pictures.

My link

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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