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Columbia, Mo Fishing

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I will be in Columbia for a conference from 9-15 through 9-17. While I have to attend the day sessions from about 9-5, the evenings are mine. I don't usually care for the hob-nob crowd and would rather do a little fishing. I have either spincast gear, or my 4wt TFO. Suggestions are welcome for places to go, and species to fish for.

I've been looking around the MDC and state park websites, but nothing beats word of mouth and experience. So what are your experiences?

"Thanks to Mother Mercy, Thanks to Brother Wine, Another night is over and we're walking down the line" - David Mallett

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It's been probably 30 years but you might check out the old strip mine area north of columbia. I think it may be a state conservation area. Remember strip MINES not strip CLUBS which also were north of colombia 30 years ago, at least that's what I heard...

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