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  1. stlfisher, don't get me started on the sabre BS. In 1982 who had the better sabreBS numbers Gary Templeton or Ozzie Smith?
  2. The strip on Saturday night in Lawton, Oklahoma and $80.00 in your pocket........WOW
  3. Good trade I saw Freese regress both at 3rd base and at bat. I really liked the guy and I hope he can jump start his career again. I also know that the Cardinals GM and his staff know a lot more about talent than I do. Jay looked to have become wall shy and a center fielder has to catch the ball. Remember I was the guy that was happy they got rid of the other guy and sent him to Toronto.In the platoffs and WS the Cardinals outfield t was not very good and slow, something needed to change. I was impressed by Bourgeis when I watched him play last year. I have had the baseball package from Direct TV so I got to watch a lot of baseball from west coast after the central division games were over. I'm retired so the last couple of years I bought the MLB package It's probably the best $200 dollars I've spent each year.
  4. Wrench, those were not the good old days but we had fun. Like the day I walked around a boulder trying to find a high spot for an OP and was staring at a mountain lion who turned out to be more scared than then I was..............
  5. Quiback, I remember when guys like Vargas would be hoping to get an offer to come to spring training as an unsigned free agent. I can't believe the money he got. Don't get me wrong I hope he does well. I remember when the Cardinals signed the guy from Montreal, I think his name was Brin Smith, to an inflated contract because they had let too many free agents walk and after Maxville offered him a contract for maybe Amillion over a couple of years he said that when he saw the money he wasn't going to be the idiot at the table.
  6. Nov 1962 Ft Sill . We were in the field, woke up with a coating of ice on shelter halfs and temp in the teens with a blue norther from the Artic circle and we had not been issued long underwear yet never in my life was I so happy to see itch wool long johns show up right after breakfast along with our liners for our field jackets.
  7. Old Plug, did sailors really ever get drunk in the Philippines?
  8. Just checked email from Ark Game & fish Idiot got busted shooting a deer On UAM property outside of Monticello AR. Phony ID ....Turns out he skipped on a $250,000 bail from Arizona multiple drug charges going back to Tent city ..............another criminal mastermind caught by the AGFC
  9. I didn't say it made any sense, I won't eat cauliflower either. But I really like turtle soup, alligator......and Fruit Cake
  10. Fielder to Rangers for Kinsler and Tigers pay Texas $30,000,000 to take him!
  11. I know it makes no sense at all but once I left home I vowed I would never eat a tree rat again. I'm 72 years old and I have kept my promise to my self.
  12. The guys on MLB network reported this last week. Beltrans problem is he values himself more than any of the teams do with his old knees. I'd love to see him in KC but he wants a 4 year contract and that's a long time at his age and bad knees. Kind of like Lance Berkmann last year that didn't work out at all for the Rangers.
  13. bfshn, My great grandfather was a market hunter in the 1890s just how do you think fish meat and birds got to market with no refrigeration and no transportation. The story was they fished with gill nets and hunted with a punt gun which was more like a cannon and at first light blow away any birds on the water off to market. That all ended as modern agriculture came into being. Soon he was a commercial fisherman ,boat builder etc. I think in some states you can still sell fish you catch at the dock.
  14. "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" H L Menken
  15. These guys are millionaires and they can't hire a ride? When I went out for an evening on the landing with my wife and friends we would take a cab or hire a limo for the night.
  16. I'm laid up with pneumonia and thank you for the video it sure made my afternoon. Thanks again
  17. Check with Bill Babler's post a couple of years ago
  18. Jack, I think you figured it out, most people on OAF never will.
  19. Hey I forgot my nephew and Godson Ricky Layton USAF who retired a couple of years ago with a great pension and a Masters degree and a great job in the Aerospace industry and I no longer have to worry about him and I also for the first time in my life, no in my family is in harms way any where in this world.
  20. Welcome to the area there is a lot of good water here and a lot of different species available
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