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Waded The Big River Today At St Francois Sp


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Went down to St. Francois state park today to wade fish the Big River. It was a great day for wading. Found that there are quite a few really deep pools throughout the park access points so I only waded probably 2 miles or so of the river that borders the park. Caught a couple 10" smallmouths and a 10" largemouth but that's about it. It was a little disappointing as I really didn't see many fish in the water other than shiners and suckers. The bass I did see were mainly smallish and really didn't want much to do with whatever I threw at them. The ones I did catch were cooped up in the few and far between fallen trees/brush that were in the water...

-- Jim

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

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I don't know the Big River well at all and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that part of the stream that has been pretty devastated by mine tailings. That might have something to do with your results. Sounds like a nice day anyway.

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The effects of the mine tailings are very evident in that stretch; below there the situation gradually gets better, above it gets worse.

The run right through the park used to be great fishing. There was a spot down close to the lowest access and picnic ground where I caught a bunch of big smallmouth over the years. But in recent years the fishing within the park has really declined. When I float down to the park, I usually just paddle through the last mile or so down to the so-called canoe access where I take out, except for fishing a couple of spots just for old time's sake. When I float below the park I always put in at the lowest access. It's tough wading downstream from there because of a couple of pools just deep enough to make it difficult to fish them, but the fishing is better downstream.

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