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Fishing report 9-7-06


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Fishing was a bit tough today. At least by Taney standards. Everyone seemed to be having to work pretty hard for them. Still caught a good number of fish, but not the 50+ fish kind of day like you often have fishing all day here. Caught several on red SJWs but the normal midge action just wasn't producing. Good tip for beginners coming to Taney - don't be afraid to try different things when the usual suspects are not working - no matter how many times you read the phrase "I was just killing them on Zebra midges" - remember, there may be a time when that doesn't work. Today during one stretch I stood in one spot and tried many different flies and just couldn't get bit - then on a whim I put on a tan sort of egg looking thing and the next 6 casts I missed two fish and caught 4! Two browns and two bows -one brown was 18 inches and so fat I couldn't get her in my hand. Then -I never got another hit on that fly!! They just turned on and then shut off - kinda crazy like! So if things are slow, don't be afraid to experiment. Then later the water came on and I caught a few more on SJWs. All in all a beautiful day to be on the lake!


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Same for JoRob and me today. His son was with us but he always outfishes us anyway. I think I landed 5 in five hours of fishing today. Caught one on a pink SJW, the rest on soft hackles. We were fishing Rocking Chair. Jim Lund who guides out of River Run was putting his clients on some fish. He said he was using SJW's and Miracle Scuds. Just slow for sure us..Dano

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