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Summer Fly Swap 2012 (Signup Nlt 1 Aug - Due Aug 17Th)

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Hello to all the OAF tiers. I wanted to get an early start this time. I feel the winter swap went well, and I hope I earned the trust of my fellow tiers (OAF had an issue a while back). Same rules as last time. I will post photos and recipes (PS... I realized now I missed a couple sorry about that).

I had such good luck this year with my version of a flashback pheasant tail, I'm going to go with that. I realize it isn't fancy, but it works.


  • Up to 11 patterns (first come first serve)
  • Ten flies each
  • Bass or trout flies
  • No theme, your pick
  • Ship with return "paid" envelope or a check for $5 (package & postage)
  • Watch forum for updates and keep everyone informed
  • Send me or post the recipe to go with the photo
  • Have fun

    Due Dates:

    • Signup 1 Aug 12
    • Ship by 17 Aug 12
    • Return ship by 1 Sep 12
    • Patterns:

      1. MIC - Flashback Pheasant Tail











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