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Great Trip 7/6-7/8


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Well, it seems I saved my best for last. One of my last floats in MO for sometime (moving to California in August) was great. My wife and some friends of ours floated from Greer to Riverton this weekend. I got there a bit early to do some fishing before everyone else arrived. Aside from some hiccups (thunderstorm blowing in from the wrong direction, necessitating a hasty retreat from the river and back to the tent to put on the rain fly, tipping a canoe and losing some stuff), this was my favorite float of my young trout fishing career. I caught about a dozen trout, and had at least that many that got off. I also caught my biggest trout. I caught 3-4 near or over 14", all very healthy, and then on Saturday, I caught a fat rainbow over 16". I have video/pictures if my wife's phone ever functions again after getting submerged. The biggest fish was such a treat. No one else in the party fished, and that was the first one they saw me catch. As soon as I announced I had a fish on it jumped about 3 feet in the air, and did that two more times during the 5-10 minutes it took to bring it in. I'll caution, again, anyone heading around the turn below Turners. It took out one of our canoes and then knocked another person off (fortunately that canoe didn't tip). It would be nice if there was some signage there. I would definitely recommend just walking by, as it seems to be about a 50/50 proposition.

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That would be the sycamore tree on the left, and the current sweeps you right into if you don't know the river. It is always smart to ask the outfitters what obstructions to look out for, I know I ask Brian of 11 POINT canoe if there is anything that has change, and the river does change due to storms. It is totally different than it was 10 years ago.

Glad you had a good time on the point, and congrats on trout caught


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glad you had a good time and caught some nice fish!!! ...would hate to see signage on this river...houses, cabins,cows and sows, purple paint, and signs ......all turnoffs to me while on a river!!!

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