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Way Upper End July 16


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I went out this morning and decided I didn't want to fish deep water. I went where there isn't any. I started about a mile below Houseman and fished down maybe two miles. Surface temp was 82.

I tried the Matzuo Death Roll hooks behind a smile blade with a whole nightcrawler. The Matzuo hooks are superior to the Mustad Slow Death hooks.

I caught 10 or 12 bass that went back in the river and 4 walleye. One of the walleye was 20 inches. Another almost measured.

I was back at the dock by 11.

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Two would have measured and a third, a smallmouth, nearly so.

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There are some whopper LM caught up there every year during the hot summer months. I think they go up there for the cooler water temps. A friend of mine won the first Oakley KVD Big Bass derby up there two years ago on a buzz bait.


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