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Fishing Forecast

Phil Lilley

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  • Root Admin

The weather outside looks... very nice, and it doesn't look like snow (no white Christmas). Alittle turn for the colder and maybe a bit of rain but all will be good on the lake this weekend.

For those hitting the water over the weekend, and it looks like alot of you are by our reservation books, fishin's great! No it really is! Late December is typically a really good time to trout fish on Taney because fishing pressure has been lite, very lite and MDC still keeps putting rainbows in. Well someone does- I think Neosho has been contributing to their promised quota (6-8 inchers). But there's plenty of bigger, Shepherd rainbows out there.

Weather has been mild, slight breezes make jig fishing very easy and that's what I'd suggest. An ultra lite with 2 lb line and a handful of jigs can make a great day on the water. Bend the barb down so that releasing all those trout is easier- on you and the fish. Use a float and fish 4-5 feet deep with a dark colored jig (brown, black, sculpin) or a micro jig in olive or sculpin. Throwing without a float- 1/16th oz when the water if off- let it get to the bottom before working it but pay attention to it dropping- half the time you'll have a strike before it gets there. Work it slowly back in, don't get in a hurry.

Bait- same stuff. Power eggs and night crawlers. 2-4 lb line best or a tippet tied to the end. Use as little weight as possible to get it out... you'll feel the bite quicker and the fish might now swallow it as bad.

Flyfishing - zebra midge wherever there's midging going on, 2 lb line under an indicator 18 inches deep. In shallow water, set the fly at 12 inches or less. #12-14 gray, brown, tan or olive scuds fished close/on the bottom above Fall Creek to Lookout either just off the bluff bank, in the channel or up on the flats.

Below the dam, thread midge #20-22 blood red, brown... scuds #20 gray, brown, olive... egg flies, very small in size drifted or "puff ball" eggs, beaded under an indicator 3 feet deep... woolybugger #12 olive or brown... crackleback #14 brown or white... small zebras #18 or 20, red or black... soft hackles I'd say are #1 if there's a chop, #16 red or black.

Night fishing below the dam - varied colors of woolies, black, brown, purple, olive, white... cracklebacks... streamers... leaches... crank baits worked slow on the surface.

Christmas- Jesus was born to a vigil, the Holy Spirit moved over Mary and impregnated her with His seed. He was born fully man, and fully God. He lived, loved, taught and healed. He gave Himself over and was sacrificed. He was dead 3 days. He overcame death and rose from the grave. He is now alive and is the only way, hope and life we have in this life.

It is not a fairy tale... if it is guys, we are all in alot of trouble. Because without the salvation Jesus offers, we have no hope, no peace... nothing to live for.

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Phil, good fishing report.Too bad at this time of year we seem to forget what is really important.Jesus died for our sins and we need to glorify him.material possessions are nothing.The glory of god is everything.Have a good Christmas and may God bless you and yours!

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Night Fishing Report...

I got in the water about 12:30AM this morning. Started just below the second outlet as it started to rain. The first fish I caught was a little stocker rainbow. It would be the only fish I caught all night that was under the slot. The second fish I caught was a very healthy brown that came in less than a half inch under the 20" mark. That was the first brown I had caught in two or three weeks. It put up a great fight. I continued to catch nice rainbows here and there as I moved down the stream. At about 2AM the rain stopped and the wind picked up a little. At that point I had worked my way down about halfway to the third outlet. For the next hour I had a strike on almost every cast. Some out in the channel and some up towards the bank. As usual, I missed many more fish than I landed. Things slowed down about 3AM caught a couple more and was out of the water at about 3:30. The final tally was 18 (two browns). All of them caught on a dark purple leech pattern.

I did have one healthy 14" rainbow swallow my fly. I was as delicate as I could be, but by the time I got the fly out the fish was bleeding down the side. He is almost certainly dead. In this situation, is it an option to cut the line? What could have been done to get that fish back in the water safely?

Merry Christmas

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I like to carry a small pair of wire cutter.. just incase one does swallow the whole thing..Their are fairly small, super sharp and cost about $15 (at Lowes)..I reach in and cut the hook complete at the bend or where I see the hook showing.. one quick snip and the fish is gone.. Yes you lose a fly but you can always retie...


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  • Root Admin

If you fish... and use a hook, any hook, barbless or not, fly or lure, you will kill a fish every once in a while. You can do the best you can- wire cutters, barbless, forceps, fancy hook removers... but if the fish takes the hook in the gills or deep in the tongue, it will die.

The best way to not kill fish when fishing... cut the hook at the bend and settle for just strikes. :)

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