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Top Water Rod Rigging?

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I tie the braid directly to the buzz bait, no swivel no leader. WTD baits I always use a split ring to give it better action. Even though I think mono is easier to operate in a bait caster, I have lately been throwing all my WTD baits with braid, I think it gives it better action plus added hookset power for longer casts that you sometimes need in clear water.

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For buzzbaits, use a double palomer direct to the wire loop. Whether you use a small snap or split ring for WTD lures depends on the bait. A traditional spook works better if the knot is snugged on the bottom of the eyelet. My Top Dollars need the split ring. With braid, you need to be sure to reel down to feel the fish before you set. If you instinct snap set, the no stretch braid will pull the bait away from the fish.

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