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I haven't been very much myself as work has had me very busy lately but I went yesterday for 6 hrs and caught them really good after making an adjustment. I started off throwing a blade and swimbait at some schoolers fishing the backs of creeks but they weren't in big packs so it was tough to get on them...caught 7 doing that in 3 hours and 3 of them were good ones but just tough to chase small packs around so I idled around some backs until I found some decent schools and just drop shot them. I hit a couple huge pods where I caught one just about every drop for 10-15 minutes then they would break up. I ran 5 different back ends doing that and couldn't tell you how many I caught and had some good ones...probably more fish than I have ever caught on a drop shot in one day because I usually don't throw it :) 22-27 was the key depth for me and just fish the areas where the trees make a natural pocket whether it is the back of a creek or ditch. I was using a shad pattern zoom meat head worm on 8lb test and caught LM, SM and K's.

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